Creditos en USA is the largest personal finance news and information site in Spanish focused on US-Hispanics

About us

We are the reference site for Spanish speakers living in the United States and for all people around the world who want to learn about personal finance, taxes, business, banking, credit cards, loans, mortgages, investments, insurance and everything that has to do with money management in the United States.


The first large-scale financial information site for US Hispanics

The United States boasts the world’s largest economy and the most robust financial system, offering efficient banking, financial products, and wealth-building opportunities. However, not everyone can tap into these benefits due to language barriers, as most of this information is in English and scattered across various webpages.

Creditos en USA is the first Spanish-language economic information site dedicated to the financial education of Latinos in the United States. We aim to be a one-stop resource for all information related to money management in the U.S.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Spanish speakers arrive in the United States in pursuit of the American dream. We believe that this dream can only be realized with the right tools and access to reliable, high-quality information in Spanish. This allows new immigrants and their families to thrive in the world’s wealthiest country. We are convinced that access to financial education in your language is key to economic prosperity in the United States. Our goal is to help all Spanish speakers fulfill their dreams in the land of opportunity and overcome any challenges they may face.

Creditosenusa.com is a trusted partner for Latinos in the United States when it comes to personal finance. Our mission is to democratize access to financial information and money management by providing free, high-quality news, articles, and videos in Spanish.


We've established a personal finance community for Latinos

Creditos en USA emerged from the urgent need for a dedicated, trustworthy platform for Latinos to access comprehensive personal finance information tailored to the United States context – all in Spanish.

Before the inception of Creditos en USA, the digital space lacked any hub exclusively offering insights on managing personal finances in the US in Spanish. Latinos seeking information were left to their own devices, forced to Google in English and painstakingly translate whole articles using online tools. Those days are now behind us.


Latino Talent

Créditos en USA is made up of a group of young and talented professionals from various Latin American countries. We are a 100% remote company, reflecting the diversity, richness, human and professional quality of our vast and beautiful American continent.

We are a multidisciplinary group of editors, journalists, lawyers, accountants, developers, entrepreneurs, content creators and SEO analysts with one mission in mind: to improve access to financial information for Latinos living in the United States.

Antonio, with a degree in Hispanic Literature and eight years of content creation experience, dedicates his time at Créditos en USA to researching and crafting top-notch content to assist the community in resolving all sorts of queries about personal finance and money management, from opening a bank account to choosing life insurance.
Andreina, an Economist with six years of content creation experience, focuses on creating clear and useful content at Créditos en USA to help you navigate the financial world with ease.
Juani, a personal finance expert focused on the Latino community in the United States and one of the editors at Créditos en USA, has over four years of experience providing valuable financial information and guidance to thousands of Latinos in the USA. His mission is to guide you on your path to financial stability, tackling topics like obtaining government aid, managing debt, and smart use of credit cards.
Jessica, a corporate lawyer and finance specialist, conducts daily research to bring you closer to financial security and freedom (even if you’re just starting out). Her over 600 articles published on Créditos en USA — and her own experience as an immigrant — have already helped thousands of Hispanics in the United States.
Daniel, with years of experience in the world of finance and aid in the USA, provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive information possible. His goal is for the site’s readers to establish themselves more easily in the United States and improve their personal finances.
Mauricio, with over six years of writing experience for various media, provides tools at Créditos en USA to help you face any financial challenge that may arise. From opening a bank account to buying your first home, Mauricio is committed to offering financial solutions and support.
With a degree in Journalism and Communication, Fabrina specializes in helping the Latino community in the United States make informed decisions about their finances. With a focus on financial education and inclusion, She seeks to empower her readers through practical advice and recommendations based on her knowledge.
Maricel, a published author since 2013 with over five years of experience in content creation and management, aims to bring you all the information you need about personal or business finances at Créditos en USA, making it easier for you to decide and manage your economic future.
Rosmar, a content creator and writer for over five years, specializes in creating content about loans and personal finance for Latinos in the United States at Créditos en USA.
In his first job at a Capital One call center, Agustín noticed the lack of quality financial information in Spanish for Latinos living in the USA. After years of experience as an SEO editor in various media, he founded Créditos en USA, a platform for the Latino community dedicated to providing accurate and reliable information about the American financial system.
Vanessa, a content marketing specialist and SEO writer for over ten years, focuses on creating content at Créditos en USA that is useful and straightforward for all readers who need quick answers to their everyday financial problems. In her free time, Vanessa designs games.
Axel, an electrical engineer and content creator for over six years, has experience in finance, digital marketing and SEO, electronics, IT, and is a technology enthusiast. At Créditos en USA, he specializes in providing valuable information to the Latino community in the United States for their financial security and to make more accurate financial decisions.
Gonzalo, a finance enthusiast with a special focus on investments, taxes, savings, and money management, stands out in the financial field for his ability to analyze and write about the movements of large corporations. Before joining Créditos en USA, Gonzalo worked for several renowned sites, such as Forbes.

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